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Kunsthistorisches Institut

2009 Genève

Nova Reperta

Sixteenth Century Society and Conference
2009 Annual Meeting
28.-30. Mai 2009

Christine Göttler, Universität Bern
Tristan Weddigen, Universität Zürich

Nova Reperta I:
Transformations, Piracies, and Unexpected Encounters

Freitag 29. Mai 2009, 10:00-11:30

Christine Göttler, Universität Bern:

Norberto Gramaccini, Universität Bern:
Marcantonio Raimondi’s Life of the Virgin after Dürer

Andrew Morrall, Bard Graduate Center:
The Idea of Metamorphosis in the Art and Craft of Sixteenth-Century Northern Europe

Laura Giorla, Université de Fribourg:
Théodore de Bry’s Les Grands Voyages: The Representation of the Other in the European Imagination at the Beginning of the Modern Age

Nova Reperta II:
Invention, Imagination, and Discernment in the Early Modern World

Lucas Burkart, Universität Luzern:
Sektionsleitung und Kommentar

Tristan Weddigen, Universität Zürich:
Silkworms vs. Spiders: New and Old Myths about the Origins of Textiles in Early Modern European Art

Christine Göttler, Universität Bern:
Antwerp’s Nova Reperta: The Jesuits, Peter Paul Rubens, and the Portuguese Alchemist Manuel Ximenes

Tina Asmussen, Universität Luzern:
Selling by Experiment - Athanasius Kircher and the Promotion of Knowledge

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Nova Reperta