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12th Annual Kansai University EU Workshop

General information

The 12th Annual Kansai University EU Workshop will take place online via Zoom on Thursday, 21st and Friday, 22nd October 2021, from 9:30-13:00 (CEST, UTC+2) on both days. 

Presentations will be held in Japanese and in English.

The workshop is free and open to the public. No registration is required. Please join using this Zoom link

About the KU-UZH Workshops

The purpose of these workshops is to gather established and young scholars from Japan and Switzerland in order to hold conversations on topics within East Asian art history.

The collaboration between Kansai University in Japan and the University of Zurich is a well-established tradition that takes place twice a year, once in Japan hosted by the Kansai University and once at the University of Zurich. These opportunities have given the advanced students at the University of Zurich the chance to present work in process at scholarly events, surrounded by both established professionals in the field and fellow students and future colleagues.  

Under usual circumstances, the annual workshop takes place in person. In Japan, the annual workshop is held on the Kansai University campus and in the mountains of Asuka. In both Japan and Zurich, the sessions are open to the public and widely advertised. Typically, visitors from the museum and academic worlds join us for the discussions.  

The workshop is based on border crossing, as it represents collaboration between the academic cultures of Japan and Switzerland. Not only are the languages of the presentations mixed (English and Japanese), but the students and participating faculty members are from both countries. Thus, the young participants get not only a living impression of the presentation styles of both cultures, but also the type of feedback from people working in other countries. For the students the workshops represent a superb way to make connections to their peers across borders. The workshops symbolize the global and cross-cultural aspects of education: by crossing borders we can achieve new forms of communication. 

The workshop members typically consist of three faculty members from the Kansai University and one member from the University of Zurich. The presenters are advanced students (MA and PhD) from both universities. The organizers are Professor Hans Bjarne Thomsen from the University of Zurich and various professors from the Kansai University. This year Associate Professor Dr. Adrien Carbonnet and students from the KU Leuven will also be participating.

Zurich Workshop: Thursday, 21st October 2021

Times listed below are Zurich and Leuven local times (CEST, UTC+2)

Introductory Remarks

09:30-09:40 Prof. Dr. MURATA Migifumi 村田右富実 (Kansai University)

Research Reports, Part I
Moderator: Prof. Dr. HIRAI Shoichi 平井 章一 (Kansai University)


NAKAMURA Hideyuki  中村 英之 (Kansai University)

The originality and identity of postwar Japanese art
through Motosaburo Nishimura's works.

(In Japanese)

10:10-10:40 Elisabeth EIBNER (University of Zurich)
The Nightmare: Case Study of a Deliberately
Inaccurate Transmission to Glass
(In English)
10:40-10:45 Break
10:45-11:15 Anthe HERWEYERS (KU Leuven)
Same-sex marriage in Japan: possibilities of social change
through litigation. 
(In English)
11:15-11:45 Jorinde WELS (KU Leuven)
The influence the 1918-1920 epidemic influenza as
“Space of Experience” on Tsurumi Mitsuzō’s conception
of international cooperation regarding preventive medicine 
(In Japanese)
11:45-11:50 Break
11:50-12:20 TANAKA Junya 田中 詢弥 (Kansai University)
About the Transition Process of Japanese Castles and the
Sogamae From the Sixteenth to theSeventeenth Century
(In English)
12:20-12:50 Florence MARTI (University of Zurich)
Early Phases of Shikumen Architecture (1870–1910) in the
Shanghai Treaty Port: On the Reciprocal Relationships
between Architectural and Social-Political Histories
(In English)

Comments and Closing Remarks

12:50-13:00 Prof. Dr. Hans Bjarne Thomsen (University of Zurich)


Zurich Workshop: Friday, 22nd October 2021

Times listed below are Zurich and Leuven local times (CEST, UTC+2)

Research Reports, Part II
Moderator: Prof. Dr. INOUE Chikara 井上 主税 (Kansai University)

09:30-09:35 Opening Remarks

MIYANAKA Yoshie 宮中 良枝 (Kansai University)

『万葉集』の言語遊戯 ―大伴坂上郎女の五二七番歌を中心に―
Word games in "万葉集 (Manyoushu)"
(In Japanese)


Sieglinde SCHNIDER (University of Zurich)

The Admonitions Scroll: The Way from the Text to the Painting
(In English)

10:35-10:40 Break

Dahi JUNG (University of Zurich)

Art Made between Cultures: Chinese Export Art on Pith Paper
(In English)


IKEDA Asahi 池田 旭 (Kansai University)

About relationships of some groups of powerful people in the
Kofun Period
(In English)

11:40-11:45 Break

Stevie POPPE (KU Leuven)

Internet-facilitated neo-nationalism in Japan –
The Case of Wikipedia
(In Japanese)



The Record Recommendation Project: Interactions
between bureaucrats, Intellectuals, and businessmen,
(In English)

Comments and Closing Remarks

12:45-13:00 Associate Professor Dr. Adrien CARBONNET (KU Leuven)


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