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Surimono at the Museum of Art and History in Geneva 18.03.2022 – 21.08.2022


In the wake of the exhibition devoted to kabuki in 2014, the MAH (Museum of Art and History, Geneva) continues to explore its collection of Japanese prints through seventy surimono prints. In its literal translation, surimono means "printed work" and designates luxuriously worked sheets offered at meetings, parties, or intended to mark important occasions of its participants. Their small print runs and sumptuous printing techniques make them particularly valuable objects. The MAH is fortunate to have a rich collection of large-format pieces produced in Kyoto and Osaka, which are specifically designed to represent the performing arts (Kabuki, No, Bunraku, Jōruri, Shamisen, Japanese Dance, etc). The Surimono exhibition thus shows the complexity of Japanese culture through its images, poetry, and calligraphy, as the participants celebrate the seasons, name changes, memorials, and new arrivals. Among the themes addressed in the exhibition, that of the geisha is particularly highlighted. The exhibition is co-curated by Dr Christian Rümelin and Professor Thomsen. 

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