Study Program

The Master of Arts Program

The two-year Specialized Master of Arts “Art History in a Global Context” focuses on issues of global, international, and interregional exchange and transculturation and aims at

• addressing questions, developing methodologies, and studying objects as seen from a global perspective and related to transcultural phenomena

• extending the traditional European curriculum of western art history towards non-western art

• contributing to current international debates about the challenges and chances of art history in a globalized academe

The Master comprises 90 Credit Points and thus encourages productive interdisciplinary combinations with other Master programs of the UZH, such as Musicology, Islamic Studies, Sinology, or Cultural Analysis. Synergies already exist with the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies (AOI). The program also seeks for scientific cooperation and exchange with specific Chairs, Departments, and research and teaching projects of other universities in Switzerland and abroad, such as the Universities of Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, and the Freie Universität Berlin and the University of Vienna. Collaboration with local institutions, such as the Rietberg Museum or the Kunsthaus, extend the horizon of the program to include questions of conservation, curatorship, and display.