Analog Infrastructures


The Institute of Art History of the University of Zurich is spread two various locations:

  • Rämistrasse 73 (RAK)
  • Rämistrasse 59 (RAA)

Office Supplies

Office supplies are purchased via the administration office. Responsibility for ordering office supplies and business cards, or distributing supplies, etc. for the locations:

Copy/Print/Scan Machines

Workspaces are equipped with a multi-function machine (copy/print/scan) on each floor. You will be given a demonstration on their functions by staff from the Library. Any service disruptions must be dealt with as follows and, if necessary, reported to the service companies:

  • RAK and RAA: Ingrid Stöckler and Katerina Janku.

UZH Card

When new (paid) staff members join the University, they are issued an application that they must complete and return with a photo. They are then sent a UZH Card by post. Further information at


Orders for furniture are made via the UZH office Projects Infrastructure. To order furniture or to report damages at:


To order keys to the building for:

For opening hours and further information on the locking systems go to

Telephone Connection, Telephone Number Lists, Use of the Telephone

Mutations in the list of telephone numbers and information on technical problems for:

Instructions on the use of telephones at UZH

Useful information on using the fixed-line telephone network are found at