Digital Infrastructures

Information on the key IT services (WLAN, VPN, etc.) can be found on the website of the University's IT services.


ITIM Identity Manager

Before your starting date, you will receive a letter from the UZH office Information Technology addressed to your future business address at the Institute of Art History. This letter contains the access data required for managing the passwords required for your password-protected services, (WLAN access, e-mail, etc.) These accounts are managed in ITIM. User administration at UZH


Each workspace at the Institute of Art History is equipped with a computer (PC or Mac). The IT officers of the Institute provide support and are responsible for software and hardware purchasing. Notebooks for temporary use can be borrowed from the administration office (RAK, office 201, Ingrid Stöckler, Katerina Janku) IT does not provide support for privately owned devices.


After joining, new members of the Institute of Art History will receive a personal e-mail address as follows: For business purposes, please use only your e-mail address.


The Institute of Art History provides storage space on the file server for chairs of the Institute, projects, and personal data. The file server is backed up on a daily basis and can also be reached from outside of UZH via remote access VPN (Virtual Private Network). We do not provide a backup solution for the local data that you save on your workspace computer.


OLAT courses are used at the Institute in various circumstances. To receive access to these services, you first need to set up an OLAT-Account on a self-service basis.

Web Pages

The Institute of Art History’s website is maintained using

Staff manage their personal web pages themselves in compliance with KHIST guidelines. Depending on your position, other pages may fall within your scope of responsibility. When you join the Institute, you are given access to UniCMS and your web page’s Internet address from the web administrators (Ingrid Stöckler, Katerina Janku Please have the following information for your web page available:

• CV with points listed, starting with the year, and in chronological order

• Research focus, in paragraphs or listed                                                  

• Publications, listed

You can request help in constructing your web page from the web administrators, or, if preferred, you can also manage your web page yourself using the UniCMC documentation.

Web Administrators


Ingrid Stöckler, Katerina Janku