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Institute of Art History Prof. Dr. Joris van Gastel




18–20.11 Conference: Form, Style, Principles: Art Historical and Theoretical Reflections, A Conference of the Wölfflin Edition Project, Universität Zürich.

Past events


18–19.05 Workshop: Early Modern Mediterranean Entanglements: Historiographical Problems and Art Historical Perspectives, El Greco Centre, Institute for Mediterranean Studies, Rethymno (Crete). Organised with Yannis Hadjinicolaou. Flyer (PDF, 3 MB)

28.02–22.05 Public lecture series: Architekturgeschichte(n) – Historische Bauten im Diskurs, University of Zurich. Organised with Carola Jäggi and Katja Schröck.Details


12.10 Workshop Media Histories of Sculpture, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome. Organised with Giovanna Targia and Tristan Weddigen. Details


07–08.10 Conference Art Across the Iberian World: Connecting Spanish Italy and Latin America at the University of Zurich. Flyer (PDF, 7 MB)

10–16.07 Summer School Stones of Palermo: Cultures of Marble at the Mediterranean Crossroads, Palazzo Butera, Palermo (supported by the Istituto Svizzero, Rome). Organised with Ariane Varela Braga. Call (PDF, 1 MB)

30.03–02.04 Double session Synagonism in Early Modern Art at the annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Dublin. Organised with Yannis Hadjinicolaou and Markus Rath.


16–18.09 Workshop: Marble: Connections and Refractions at the Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome. Organised with Ariane Varela Braga. Details


18.09–18.12 Public lecture series: Marmor: Materialität und Ästhetik, UZH, organised with Nora Guggenbühler, Speakers: Malcolm Baker (Riverside, CA), Fabio Barry (Stanford), Frank Fehrenbach (Hamburg), Dario Gamboni (Geneva), Markus Rath (Basel), Frits Scholten (Amsterdam). Flyer (PDF, 211 KB)

18.03 Session Early Modern Drapery: Reactionary or Modern? at the annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Toronto. Organised with Evonne Levy (Toronto).



23–28.06 ‘A Stone Soaked in Blood: Tezontle and Trauma in Mexico City’s Lithic Imaginary’ at the CIHA-conference 2024, Lyon.


16–17.11 Keynote lecture ‘Verflechtungen: Tintorettos skulpturales Denken’ at the inaugural meeting of the Netzwerk Italienforschung, titled Vom (Un)Sinn der Italienforschung, University of Bonn. Details

26–28.10 O bianco marmo eletto… Sculptural Aesthetics and Body Politics in Renaissance Italy, at the conference Deep White: Myths, Materialities, and Ideologies of an Ambivalent Colour, The Norwegian Institute at Athens. Details

12.10 The Eye and the Lens: Towards a Media History of the Perception of Sculpture’, at the workshop Media Histories of Sculpture, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome.

16.03 Fast heilig: Zi’ Andrea und die Materialität des Sakralen im Spanischen Neapel’, Italienforum, Leipzig, section Transkulturelle Manifestationen des Sakralen: Heiligenverehrung in Süditalien’.


09.10 Cioccolata: Colonial Traces in Baroque Naples’ at the conference Art Across the Iberian World: Connecting Spanish Italy and Latin America, University of Zurich.

30.09 Southern Discomfort: Art and Abjection at the Birth of a Discipline’, as part of the lecture series Methodology and Ideology: Critical Perspectives on the Historical Paradigms of Art History, Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome. Details

02.04 Tintoretto, Drawing and Sculptural Space’ at the annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Dublin, in the session Synagonism in Early Modern Art.


16.11 ‘Il peregrino: Pilgrimage and the Poetic Production of Baroque Space’ at the conference A Dialogue of the Arts: Concepts of Sacred Spaces in Architecture and its Description in Literature from Early Modern Times to the Present, University of Zurich.

20.09 ‘Il teschio sotto la pelle’, at the workshop Contemporaneità barocca: Riletture incrociate di due mostre attuali, Palazzo Barberini and Galleria Borghese, Rome.

25.05 ‘Remediating Michelangelo: Tintoretto and the Sculptural Model’ at the conference (Im)material Michelangelo: Toward a Visual Historiography of Sculpture
Between Reproduction and Art-Historical Enquiry,
Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome (online).

06.05 ‘Luca Giordano “Falsario”: Reappropriating the Renaissance’ at the conference Forgery, Fraud, Mystification: A Perspective on Italian Renaissance Literature and Art, University of Zurich (online).

22.04 ‘“Dulçura, y consuelo...”: Sculpted Wood in Baroque Naples between Ephemerality and Idolatry’, at the RSA annual conference, in the session Carving vs Modelling: Materials and the Languages of Sculpture in the Southern Mediterranean, online.


07.10 Inaugural Lecture: ‘Zwischen Welten: Polychrome Holzskulptur und das Problem der Idolatrie im neapolitanischen Barock', University of Zurich.

18.03 ‘Fold-Lines: Tracing the Dionysian in Bernini’s Draperies’, at the RSA annual conference in Toronto, in the session Early Modern Drapery: Reactionary or Modern?

31.01 ‘“Cosa più bella veder non si può”: The Agency of Antiquity in Baroque Naples’, at the research seminar of the Classics department at Durham University.


01.10 ‘The Coat of Arms and the Portrait Bust: Sculpted Presence in Late Renaissance Florence’, at the conference Stone Face: The Psychology of the Face, the Phenomenology of the Bust, University of Copenhagen.


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