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Institute of Art History Prof. Dr. Joris van Gastel

Art Across the Iberian World: Connecting Spanish Italy and Latin America

International Conference
7 – 8 October 2022

Organised by Joris van Gastel and Nora Guggenbühler


University of Zurich
Rämistrasse 59
8001 Zurich
Auditorium RAA-G-01

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For a long stretch of time, both Southern Italy—the Kingdoms of Naples and Sicily—and Latin America were entangled in the same colonial system. Still, art historians have discussed these entanglements largely independently. This conference seeks to bring together these two fields of study: on the one hand, that which explores the shared visual and material cultures between the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America, and, on the other hand, that which studies the artistic connections between Spain and Spanish Italy. Although in recent years scholars have covered significant ground in both areas of research, they have remained largely unconnected—even though there are significant parallels also in terms of historiography.

The handful of studies that has attempted to bring these worlds closer have dealt with topics as varied as the travels of artists and artworks, the significance of various saints between these worlds, shared religious phenomena as well as relations in scientific culture. Building on this scholarship, the conference aims both at confronting such scattered approaches as well as exploring alternative accounts, thereby concentrating on their relevance for art and visual culture.


Friday 7 October 2022

09:00 Welcome

09:30 Introduction
Joris van Gastel & Nora Guggenbühler    

I. Chair: Tristan Weddigen (Rome/Zurich)

Gauvin Bailey (Queens)
Planimetricism in the Baroque Facades of Lecce and Cajamarca

Coffee Break

Piers Baker-Bates (London)
Los estados de su magestad: Rome, Naples and the New World

Maria Vittoria Spissu (Bologna/Chicago)
Challenging the Idea of a Moving “Spanish Taste” in Borderlands: Communities of “Foreigners” and the Use of Models from Spanish Rome

12:45 Lunch

II. Chair: Joris van Gastel (Zurich)

Giuseppina Merola (Salerno)
The Other Side of Power: Spanish Noblewomen’s Art Patronage, Naples, and the Iberian World

Francisco Montes (Seville)
Between Viceregal Mexico and Spanish Italy: Transatlantic Powers and Cultural Exchanges

15:45 Coffee Break

Maite Álvarez (Los Angeles)
Vista de ojos: Eyewitnessing the Global Hispanosphere

17:00 Concluding Discussion

Saturday 8 October 2022

III. Chair: Christine Göttler (Bern)

Nora Guggenbühler (Zurich)
Statue Paintings of the Madonna di Trapani: A Miraculous Image’s Journey Across the Atlantic

Peter Mason (Rome)
From Virgen de Trapani to Virgen del Pino

10:45 Coffee Break

Luisa Elena Alcalá (Madrid)
Jesuit Missionary Biography and Italian Geography: Patterns of Marian Translations from Italy to New Spain

Lucía Querejazu Escobari (Zurich)
Petals of the American Rose: The Role of the Kingdom of Naples in the Construction of Sanctity of Saint Rose of Lima (1633-1671)

12:45 Lunch

IV. Chair: Nora Guggenbühler (Zurich)

Fernando Loffredo (New York)
America Neapolitana? A Reconnaissance of Naples’s Presence beyond the Atlantic: State of the Art and New Directions

Joris van Gastel (Zurich)
Cioccolata: Colonial Traces in Baroque Naples

15:45 Coffee Break

Felipe Pereda (Harvard)
Montañés, Imaginería and the Colonial Market

17:00 Concluding Discussion


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Andrea Belvedere, Búcaro with Flowers, Museo di Capodimonte

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