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Past events


18.09–18.12 Public lecture series: Marmor: Materialität und Ästhetik, UZH, organised with Nora Guggenbühler, Speakers: Malcolm Baker (Riverside, CA), Fabio Barry (Stanford), Frank Fehrenbach (Hamburg), Dario Gamboni (Geneva), Markus Rath (Basel), Frits Scholten (Amsterdam). Flyer (PDF, 211 KB)

18.03 Section Early Modern Drapery: Reactionary or Modern?’ at the annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America, Toronto. Organised with Evonne Levy (Toronto).



07.10 Inaugural Lecture: ‘Zwischen Welten: Polychrome Holzskulptur und das Problem der Idolatrie im neapolitanischen Barock', University of Zurich.

18.03 ‘Fold-Lines: Tracing the Dionysian in Bernini’s Draperies’, at the RSA annual conference in Toronto, in the session Early Modern Drapery: Reactionary or Modern?

31.01 ‘“Cosa più bella veder non si può”: The Agency of Antiquity in Baroque Naples’, at the research seminar of the Classics department at Durham University.


01.10 ‘The Coat of Arms and the Portrait Bust: Sculpted Presence in Late Renaissance Florence’, at the conference Stone Face: The Psychology of the Face, the Phenomenology of the Bust, University of Copenhagen.