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Information about the mailing list

Purpose of the mailing list

The KHIST mailing list is designed to facilitate the exchange of information directly related to the Institute of Art History of the University of Zurich. The mailing list is aimed at staff, students, alumni, and persons interested in the events held by the Institute of Art History.

What kind of information is circulated?

The mailing list is used to publicize congresses, colloquiums, courses, open positions and other happenings at KHIST as well as at other institutions working with KHIST.

How can I send a message via the mailing list?

All you need to do is send a short, clear, and precise message without any formatting and with an attachment of a maximum of 4 MB to the following address: Please be sure to send your mail in a text format and not in HTML. Since the list is moderated, it can take a while until your mail is accepted and put on the list.

What kind of information is not accepted?

Information of a personal nature that is unrelated to KHIST is not accepted. This includes apartment searches, references to publications, press announcements, gallery openings, etc.

Moderation of the mailing list

The mailing list is administered by Ingrid Stöckler (KHIST office). Every text received is read and reviewed. In the case of a rejection, the sender is notified. The office is not obliged to publish or to justify a rejection.

Will I get spam?

As the mailing list is administered you will not receive spam.

How do I register?

Open your browser to the following page:

Students and staff at UZH: Use your access account to log in. The e-mails will then always be sent to your UZH mail account.

Students from another Swiss university: Click to “Switch AAI Login,” select your university from the list and use your own university login.

Persons outside the Swiss Association of Universities and/or persons with a private e-mail address: If you would like to register your private address on the mailing list, please follow the instructions “First registration.” You will receive all mails, but will not have access to the list archive.

Register by e-mail: Write an e-mail to with the content “subscribe khist.” Your sender address will then be used to register you on the list. Please be sure that your e-mail does not contain any other text in the “Subject” box and in the main text.

Now select the list to which you wish to subscribe. You can now also access the mailing list archive from here or send an e-mail to this list.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list by unsubscribing online at the place where you subscribed, or by sending an e-mail to with the content (and empty “Subject”) “unsubscribe” (without quotation marks). Please be sure that your write from the address with which you subscribed.

Technical Problems

In the event of technical problems, please send an e-mail to:

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