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Kunsthistorisches Institut

Künstlergespräch mit Robert Andy Coombs

Public event: Artist Talk with Robert Andy Coombs

Monday, October 11, 2021, at 5 pm Zurich time / 11 am EST time.

Online (zoom)


Robert Andy Coombs explores the intersections of disability and sexuality through the photographic lens. In this artist talk, we will discuss the artist’s current exhibition Robert Andy Coombs: Notions of Care at the Frost Art Museum and engage with topics such as caregiving, sexual desire, and the notion of crip time. 


Born in Michigan in 1987, Robert Andy Coombs received his BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design and his MFA from Yale University. He lives and works in Miami, Florida. A selection of works is available under


untitled, 2021. 
[Image description: A polaroid photograph of two men lying on a bed and laughing. One of them, a white naked man, is the artist Robert Andy Coombs. His head is resting on the lap of his friend Marshall, a Black man wearing a shirt with flowers and white trousers, Behind them, a sip-and-puff-device and cables are attached to the headrest. The frame of the polaroid is colored in grades of green to orange.]