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Kunsthistorisches Institut

10. Forum Ostasiatische Kunstgeschichte im Deutschsprachigen Raum

Section for East Asian Art
10. Forum Ostasiatische Kunstgeschichte
im Deutschsprachigen Raum
Universität Zürich, Rämistrasse 71, Raum KOL-H-317
Freitag, 17. Juni 2022
09:00 09:15 Begrüssung | Welcome Address Prof. Dr. Hans B. Thomsen (Universität Zürich)
09:15 12:45 Panel 1: Representation and Transcultural Interactions in the 20th Century
Chair: Isabelle Leemann | Moderation: Anna Herren, Natasha Fischer-Vaidya
§ Kimihiko Nakamura
International Aspiration and Nationalist Struggle in Postwar Japanese Art, with a Focus
on Okada Kenzō and Kawabata Minoru
§ Hanyang Zhong
Looking to “the East” in Postwar American Abstract Painting
§ Yuechen Wang
Transcultural Tibetan Modern Art A Specific Focus on Han artists’ Art Practices and the
Indigenous Response
10:45 11:15 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break
§ Rebeca Gómez Morilla
The Empire at Home: Japanese Imperialism and Colonised Korea in a Swiss Picture
Postcard Collection
§ Ziwei Huang
Carriers of Traditions: Japanese Representations of Manchurian Women during the
Interwar Period
12:15 12:45 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion
12:45 14:00 Mittagspause | Lunch Break
14:00 16:00 Panel 2: Art Across Borders
Chair: Natasha Fischer-Vaidya | Moderation: Denise Gubitosi
§ Freya Terryn
Japanese Woodblock Print Artists on Commission: Nikuhitsu ukiyo-e as Exhibition Art
and Diplomatic Gifts
§ Dahi Jung
Art Made between Cultures: Chinese Export Art on Pith Paper
§ Maria Sobotka
Between Westernization, Japanization and Self (Re)-Presentation: The Assessment of
Art during the Era of Park Chung-hee, 1961-1979
15:30 16:00 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion
16:00 16:30 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break
16:30 17:30 Stand des Gebietes | State of the Field Presentations
17:45 18:45 Keynote Vortrag | Keynote Lecture Prof. Dr. Juliane Noth (Freie Universität Berlin)
Aufzeichnungen von Reisen: Medium, Format und Prozess in der Malerei von Huang Binhong

Samstag, 18. Juni 2022

09:00 12:30 Panel 3: Religion, Court, and Concepts of the Divine
Chair: Natasha Fischer-Vaidya | Moderation: Dahi Jung, Piaopiao Yang
§ Yue Kuang
Die weibliche Figur in der Querrolle “Achtzehn Luohan” von Zhang Xukun (aktiv Anfang
des 18. Jahrhunderts)
§ Anna-Luise Biernatzki
Kōdaiji-Lacke im Kontext der Religiosität der Momoyama-Zeit (1568-1615)
§ Margó Krewinkel
The Ritual Use of Kasuga Mandara
10:30 11:00 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break
§ Scarlett He
Buddhist Statues in Qinghai’s Qutansi: Inscribed Patterns of Interaction between Ming
China and Eastern Tibet, 1393-1435
§ Hui Fang
Color Speaks: An Examination of the Blue and Green Colors in Guo Wentong’s Red Cliffs
12:00 12:30 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion
12:30 13:30 Mittagspause | Lunch Break
13:30 15:00 Panel 4: Market and Stage in Japanese Prints
Chair & Moderation: Katharina Rode
§ Tobias Eckmann
Katsukawa Sunshōs (1726-1793) Nishiki hyakunin isshu azima-ori (1775)
§ Spyridon Triantis
Osaka Actor Prints and their Commercial Exploits
14:30 15:00 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion
15:00 15:30 Kaffeepause | Coffee Break
15:30 17:30 Panel 5: Representing Nature and the Self in Chinese Painting
Chair: Piaopiao Yang | Moderation: Monica Klasing Chen
§ Henning von Mirbach
Remembering the Family: Local Memories in the Landscape Paintings of Fa Ruozhen
§ Jennifer Chang
Pictorializing Persona in the 19th-Century Chinese Biography Landscape from Jiangnan:
Intertextual Remodelling, Retelling, and Reshaping Individuality
§ Qian Zhan
The Rise and Development of Orchid Painting in the Southern Song China (1127-1279):
Based on the Works by Ma Lin and Zhao Mengjian
17:00 17:30 Diskussionsrunde | Panel Discussion
17:45 18:45 Keynote Vortrag | Keynote Lecture Prof. Dr. J.P. Park (University of Oxford)
Zhang Taijie and James Cahill: Forgery and Counterforgery in Chinese Art

Organisation Monica Klasing Chen (Universität Heidelberg), Singyan Choy (Universität Wien),
Natasha Fischer-Vaidya (Universität Zürich), Denise Gubitosi (Universität Wien),
Anna Herren (Universität Zürich), Dahi Jung (Universität Zürich), Isabelle Leemann
(Universität Zürich), Katharina Rode (Universität Heidelberg), Piaopiao Yang
(Freie Universität Berlin)
This conference is made possible with financial support of the
University of Zurich Graduate Campus and UZH Alumni.