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Iconotextile Mailing List


The Iconotextile mailing list shares information about the Textile project's activities and news concerning textile studies.


Any interested person may subscribe to the mailing list by sending an e-mail to:

The subject line (Betreff) needs to include the following text:

subscribe iconotextile first name surname

"first name surname" (Vorname Nachname) means that you need to insert your own name in the subject line.

Or by subscribing online on the Listserver website.


You can un-subscribe online on the Listserver website.

Sharing Information

If you would like to submit scholarly news related to textile studies to the Iconotextile mailing list, please send the information by e-mail to:

The decision wether the submitted information is suitable for publication on the mailing list is reserved to the moderators.

List Archive

The archive of the Iconotextile mailing list can be found on the Listserver website.

Mailing List Website

The Iconotextile mailing list's website is:

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The Iconotextile Mailing List