Virginia Marano, M.A.

Curriculum vitae

Virginia Marano (*1993, Italy) is specialized on Alberto Giacometti.

She graduated with a mark of 110/110 with honours from the three-year course in Humanities (Art History curriculum at the University of Siena) with a thesis on the analysis of the concept of space between the sculptural research of Alberto Giacometti and the theatrical research of Samuel Beckett.

Then, she enrolled in the MA’s degree course in Contemporary Art History at the University of Siena. She completed her examination with flying colours and embarked on her master’s thesis with a new research focus: Alberto Giacometti and the phenomenology of perception.

From the outset, she wanted her project to be the result of more than just her studies and reading. She made contact with Marco Giacometti, Director of the Giacometti Centre Foundation in Stampa, with Dr. Christian Klemm at the Kunsthaus in Zürich, with the Schaulager in Basel and with Joachim Pissarro (Hunter College, New York), who curated the show “Klein & Giacometti: In search of the Absolute in the Era of Relativity” at Gagosian Gallery London in 2016. An important milestone in defining her project came with her meeting in Berlin with the Artist Director Walter Asmus and the theatre director Marek Kedzierski, who invited her to take part in the Beckett@111 Festival, with a presentation about Beckett and Giacometti in Paris.

Through the Erasmus Exchange she did a four-month internship at Mumok (2017, Vienna) and a three-month internship at Artipelag (2018, Stockholm). She assisted several curators in their work: this meant she carried out research for the next exhibitions during the upcoming Fall and Spring period, she wrote texts on artists and upcoming exhibitions, conducted interviews with contemporary artists and wrote essays based on these linking the analysis back to further her own research on Giacometti.

According to this topic, she continues her studies with Dr. Tristan Weddigen at the University of Zurich (Swiss Government excellence PhD Scholarship for foreign students). 

PhD project

Phenomenological research of Alberto Giacometti in the evolution of Post-Minimalism.

Conference speaker and interviews:


The eye of Alberto Giacometti. From the dialogue between Beckett and Giacometti to the Phenomelogy of Minimalism and Post-Minimalism. 

Mumok, Vienna, Austria (2017).

Alberto Giacometti and Samuel Beckett. A dialogue at a distance. 

Giacometti Center, Stampa, Switzerland (2016).


Philipp Kaiser, curator of the Swiss Pavilion at the 57th International Art exhibition, Biennale of Venice, The Pavilion of Switzerland, Biennale of Venice, Italy (2017).


Marano, V. (2015). Democrazia e libertà in Giacometti, «GeaArt», anno IV, nov-dic 2015, n.12, ISSN: 2420-7934.

Marano, V. (2018). “The souls’ roots” of Klara Kristalova and the “Absolute” of Alberto Giacometti.

Marano, V. (2018). The Cube and the Open. A dialogue between Per Kirkeby and Alberto Giacometti. (forthcoming)

Marano, V. (2018). A reflection on the Ulrika Sparre’s stones through the Alberto Giacometti’s eyes (forthcoming)