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Dr. Virginia Marano

Virginia Marano (she/her) holds a PhD in art history from the University of Zurich. To conduct her doctoral research, she was awarded an ESKAS doctoral scholarship (2018–2021) and a FAN Grant (2021). In 2022, she was a SNSF Doc.Mobility fellow in the Art History Department at Hunter College/CUNY. Her thesis examined the diasporic dimension in the works of Jewish women sculptors in Post-war New York, previously assimilated to feminism but not yet connected to the question of exile. She is also the coordinator and co-founder of the research project "Rethinking Art History through Disability" at the University of Zurich, which aims to rethink the intersections of disability theory and art history through the lens of the non-normative body. She has previously worked at Mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig (2017, Vienna), Artipelag (2018, Stockholm) and Last Tango (2020–2021, Zurich). Currently, she is fellow researcher at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice and works as curatorial assistant at MASI Lugano (Museo d’arte della Svizzera italiana).


  • BA and MA Übung, "Being (not) at Home in the World - Exiled Women Artists and Beyond" (English), University of Zurich, Spring 2023
  • Lecture Series “Care, Disability and Art” (English), organized with Charlotte Matter, Laura Valterio, Marie-France Rafael und Judith Welter, University of Zurich & Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK, spring 2023
  • Field trip to London “Bodies of Difference: Disability, Art History, and the Museum” (English), with Charlotte Matter, Laura Valterio, and Jess Bailey, University of Zurich, fall 2022

Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals

Contributions to books

Non-peer-reviewed articles

Organization of conferences, workshops and symposia

Contributions to conferences (oral presentation or poster)


  • “Bordless Encounter: Soshana trifft auf Giacometti und Yanaihara,“ JAM, Joint Art Management, Luzern, 27.10-26.11.2022.
  • “Chryssa: Eccentric Abstraction,” Blue Velvet Projects, Zürich, 10.06-03.09.2022.

  • “Io e il colore. Augusto Giacometti e Katarina Lichtner,” Fondazione Centro Giacometti, Stampa, Switzerland, 12.06-28.08.2022.

  • Matthias Oppermann exhibition, “Wie es mich sehen liess,” Fondazione Centro Giacometti, Stampa, Switzerland, 04.09-17.10.2021.

  • “I volti di Soshana e Alberto Giacometti,” Fondazione Centro Giacometti, Stampa, Switzerland,


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Dr. Virginia Marano

Dr. Virginia Marano

Kunsthistorisches Institut
Universität Zürich

Anschrift: Rämistrasse 73
CH-8006 Zürich

Project website

Creative Access and Digital Innovation

23 January 2024 16:30 – 18:30 CET (online)

The event features four professionals and experts in the fields of accessibility and emerging digital innovations: Kamran Behrouz (Visual Artist, Zurich), Saverio Cantoni (Visual Artist, Berlin), Georgina Kleege (University of California, Berkeley) and Nina Mühlemann (Artist, Bern Academy of the Arts). The event explores the role of new digital technologies from an artistic and academic perspective, delving into issues related to digital knowledge and spatial fruition. Guests and the participating group will have the opportunity to discuss and initiate a discussion on the points of convergence between art, scientific research and digital innovation with a view to new strategies for accessibility and inclusion. 

The online panel discussion is curated by Virginia Marano, a Fondazione Giorgio Cini fellow in the PNRR–PEBA project for the Removal of Physical, Cognitive and Sensory Barriers in Cultural Sites (EU-funded grant – NextGenerationEU).

The event will be held in English and will have live American sign language (ASL) interpretation by First Choice Interpreting Service.

For more information on accessibility and to register, please visit this link

Image credit: Liza Sylvestre, Captioned-Channel Surfing (still), 2016.

[Image description: Movie still, close-up of a white man and woman wearing summer clothes in a
rural setting looking excited in a phone booth. A caption reads “They are so young and excited and



Project website

Institute Colloquium Spring 2023: Care, Disability and Art

A lecture series with artists and researchers exploring the social and political dimensions of care at the intersection of gender, race, and disability in art and art history

Program (PDF)

[Image description: A layout in gray tones with ornamental elements and the title of the lecture series in large, slightly slanted letters. In-between is an image of a work by Jilian Crochet, a soft sculpture with organic shapes covered with velvet. The flyer, created by Rietlanden Women’s Office, looks like it was designed with adhesive strips on a photocopier.]

Project website

Workshop “Unlearn the Body: New Approaches on Disability and Art History”

This two-day workshop, taking place at the University of Zurich in June 2022, brought together a diverse group of thinkers to share and explore different approaches to engage with disability in art and art history. Panteha Abareshi held a keynote lecture entitled “The Disabled Body as Fundamental Taboo.”

[Image description: A graphic work by Panteha Abareshi featuring a photo of a hand-held dynamometer, a device used to measure the strength of muscles. The black-and-white photo is framed by color test strips on either side. Below that, capital letters read: The Medical Gaze Is a Weapon.]