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Towards an Iconology of the Textile

The Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America

Los Angeles

The University of California and The Getty Museum

19-21 March 2009

I: Mobile Images

Chair: Koenraad Brosens (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven)

  • ELIZABETH A. H. CLELAND (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
    Small-Scale Tapestries and Private Devotion During the Renaissance
  • LORRAINE KARAFE (New York University)
    Painting, Sculpture - and Tapestries: Raphael's all'antica Weavings and the Vatican's Sala dei Pontefici
  • JAMES G. HARPER (University of Oregon)
    Solenne Comparsa: Contextual Significance and Mutable Meaning in the Display of Tapestry in 17th Century Rome

II: Textile Space

Chair: Candace J. Adelson (Tennessee State Museum, Nashville)

  • OLGA BUSH (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
    Of Times and Tents in the 14th Century Alhambra
  • JOSEPH IMORDE (Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome)
    Domus Ipsa Rideat. Textile Banquet Accoutrements in Early Modern Times
  • ELISABETH PRIEDL (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)
    Santa Susanna's Arazzi Finti. The Textile Medium as a Subject of Debate in Counter-Reformation Rome

III: Clothes and Cloths

Chair: Julia Gelshorn (University of Zurich)

  • FELIX THÜRLEMANN (University of Konstanz)
    Self-Reflexivity in the Ecclesiastical Paraments of the Order of the Golden Fleece
  • PHILIPP ZITZLSPERGER (Humboldt University, Berlin)
    Dürer in Furs - Contributions to an Iconology of Clothing in Early Modern Art
  • MATEUSZ KAPUSTKA (University of Wroclaw)
    Alessandro Allori's Cloths. The Textile Recall in Early-Modern Florentine Imagery

IV: Texts and Textures

Chair: Alexander Nagel (New York University)

  • URSULA LEHMANN (Humboldt University, Berlin)
    Textiles and Law, Tapestries and Tribunals: Judicial Aspects in the Trajan- and Herkinbald-Tapestry
  • JOHANNES ENDRESS (University of California, Riverside)
    Textures and Cuts in Jörg Wickram's Novel The Golden Thread (1557)
  • REBECCA OLSON (Oregon State University)
    "Full of Device": Taking the Tapestry Metaphor Seriously

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