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Pictorial Space in Early Modern Venice

Venice, Italy
The Fifty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America
8-10 April 2010

Organisers: Stefan Neuner and Tristan Weddigen (Universität Zürich)

Panel I

Chair: David Y. Kim (Universität Zürich)

  • MICHAEL DIERS (Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg)
    The Public Square as Scene, or: How the View Organizes Pictorial Space and Adds Dynamic to the Narration
  • DENISE ZARU (Université de Lausanne)
    Venetian Painting as Mental Space: Lorenzo Lotto's Spatial Constructions
  • ANA GONZÁLEZ MOZO (Museo Nacional del Prado)
    Analysis of the Perspective in the Construction of Pictorial Space of the Washing of the Feet by Jacopo Tintoretto

Panel II

Chair: David Y. Kim (Universität Zürich)

  • ROLAND KRISCHEL (Wallraff-RIchartz Museum Köln)
    From Hell. The Design of the Paduan Teatro Anatomico
  • ANGELO CATTANEO (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
    Mapping and Depicting the East in Fifteenth-Century Venice. Fra Mauro’s Mappamundi and the Pictorial, Literary and Cartographic Representation of Asia
  • DAVID GANZ (Universität Konstanz)
    Oblique Views. The Collision Between Gaze and Action in Venetian Ceiling Painting of the Mid-Sixteenth Century

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