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Kunsthistorisches Institut

Transcultural Perspectives: Theories, Practices, Objects I

Visiting Professors: Prof. Dr. Tristan Weddigen (UZH), Felix Vogel M.A. (UZH)

2–5 September 2014, Unifesp

The seminar aims at discussing theories and methods of global, transcultural and post-colonial art history. Through close readings of theoretical texts in connections with case studies from the history of art, issues of migration and exchange, hybridity, agency, inter- and transculturality will be discussed, and above all a critical discussion on the writing of art history will be established. Visits of the 31st Bienal de São Paulo and the international workshop Global Contexts of the Contemporary Latin American Art Market at Itaú Cultural will complete the seminar.


September 2: Problems and Challenges of a Global Art History

Readings and discussion:

  • James Elkins (ed.), Is Art History Global?, London and New York 2007.
  • Monica Juneja and Christian Kravagna, «Understanding Transculturalism», in: Transcultural Modernism, ed. by Model House Research Group, Berlin 2013, p. 22–33.

September 3: Global Contexts of the Contemporary Latin American Art Market

Visit of the workshop Global Contexts of the Contemporary Latin American Art Market at Itaú Cultural Auditorium, São Paulo

September 4: Global Art and its Institutions

Presentations and discussion of the workshop reports

Readings and discussion:

  • James Clifford, «On Collecting Art and Culture», in: The Predicament of Culture, Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art, Cambridge, Mass. 1988, p. 215–51.
  • Hans Belting, «Contemporary Art and the Museum in the Global Age», in: Contemporary Art and the Museum. A Global Perspective, ed. by Peter Weibel and Andrea Buddensieg, Ostfildern 2007, p. 16–38.
  • Charlotte Bydler, «The Global Art World Inc.: On the Globalization of Contemporary Art», in: The Biennial Reader, ed. by Elena Filipovic, Marieke van Hal and Solveig Østvebø, Ostfildern 2010, p. 378-405.
  • Ángel Guido, Arquitectura hispanoincaica a traves de Wölfflin, Rosario: 1927 (Ángel Guido, «Hispano-Incaic Architecture: a Wölfflinian View», in: Art in Translation, 2009, vol. 1, no. 2, p. 259–71.

September 5: Bienal de São Paulo

Joint visit of the Bienal de São Paulo: discussion of specific works and topics

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Kader Attia, The Repair, 2012