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Joint Field Study Trip: The Baroque and Neo-Baroque in Argentina and Bolivia


The main purpose of the Joint Field Study Trip consists in the visit of different sites in the southern part of South America, with a focus on Argentina and Bolivia. In these regions, different kinds of cultural ‘contact zones’ (Mary Louise Pratt) of the Spanish colonial Empire can be identified, for example the Jesuit Missions of present-day Argentina, rural areas in South Argentina, economic centers such as Potosí in Bolivia, urban hubs such as Cordoba, or different indigenous communities and societies, as for example the Incas, Aymaras, and Mapuches. It will be important to analyze the implementation of European models and iconographies in these different cultural contexts. This Joint Field Study Trip with students from UZH and Unifesp continues the discussion of the issues analyzed in the previous one, and much like it, also in this case, local researchers will be met, especially in Buenos Aires, as to strengthen the network between professors and students within Latin America, but also with Europe.

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