Volume 3

Unfolding the Textile Medium in Early Modern Art and Literature

Ed. by Tristan Weddigen

Emsdetten/Berlin, Edition Imorde, 2011, ISBN 9783942810036


Rebecca Olson
«Full of Device»: Taking the Tapestry Metaphor Seriously

Johannes Endres
Textures and Cuts: The Textile Metaphor in Jörg Wickram’s The Golden Thread

Ursula Lehmann
Textiles and Memoria: Georges de Saluces and the Trajan and Herkinbald Tapestry

Elizabeth Cleland
Ensconced Behind the Arras: Documentary Evidence for Small Scale Tapestries During the Renaissance

Lorraine Karafel
Site Specific? Raphael’s all’antica Tapestries and the Vatican’s Sala dei Pontefici

Una Roman D’Elia
Allegories’ Apparel in Sixteenth-Century Italy

Mateusz Kapustka
Bloodstained Cloths: Textile Reminiscences in Early Modern Florentine Imagery

Joseph Imorde
The Economics of Textile Décor: A Venetian Example

Elisabeth Priedl
Santa Susanna’s arazzi finti: The Textile Medium and Roman Counter-Reformation Ideology

Estelle Lingo
Beyond the Fold: Drapery in Seventeenth-Century Sculptural Practice and Criticism

Maarten Delbeke
The Veil as Mimetic Architecture in Roman Baroque