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Kunsthistorisches Institut

Volume 8

Clothing the Sacred: Medieval Textiles as Fabric, Form and Metaphor

Ed. by Mateusz Kapustka and Warren Th. Woodfin

Emsdetten/Berlin, Edition Imorde, 2015



Mateusz Kapustka and Warren T. Woodfin: Introduction

Warren T. Woodfin: Disjuncture between Text and Image: Vesting Prayers and Embroidered Iconography in Byzantine Liturgical Vestments

Branislav Cvetkovic: Textiles and Their Usage in Medieval Balkans: The Royal Context

Barbara Eggert: Edification with Thread and Needle. On Uses and Functions of Architectonic Elements on Medieval Liturgical Vestments and Their Representation in Contemporary Paintings of the Mass of St. Gregory (13th−16th c.)

Christine Brandner: Sakrale Bilder in Bewegung. Die Darstellung und Rezeption der Heiligenfiguren am Ornat des Ordens vom Goldenen Vlies

Baarbara Baert: Textile, Tactility and the Senses. The 13th-century Embroidered Antependium of Wernigerode (Germany) Revisited

David Ganz: Das Kleid der Bücher. Vestimentäre Dimensionen frühmittelalterlicher Prachteinbände

Anna Bücheler: Scripture Embodied: Textile Pages and the Materiality of the textus evangelii

Avinoam Shalem: The Body of Architecture: The Early History of the Clothing of the Sacred House of the Ka‘ba in Mecca

Michael Gnehm: Orientalism in a Tent

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