KU Workshop

10th Annual Kansai University EU Workshop

General information

The 10th Annual Kansai University EU Workshop will take place at the University of Zurich on Saturday, 3rd November 2018 in room RAA-G-15
(Rämistrasse 59, 8001 Zurich)

Presentations will be held in Japanese and in English.

The workshop is free and open to the public. As space is limited, please register your attendance in advance by sending a mail to the Section of East Asian Art:

About the KU-UZH Workshops

The purpose of these workshops is to gather established and young scholars from Japan and Switzerland in order to hold conversations on topics within East Asian art history.

The collaboration between Kansai University in Japan and the University of Zurich is a well-established tradition that takes place twice a year, once in Japan hosted by the Kansai University and once at the University of Zurich. These opportunities have given the advanced students at the University of Zurich the chance to present work in process at scholarly events, surrounded by both established professionals in the field and fellow students and future colleagues.  

In Japan, the annual workshop takes place on the Kansai University campus and in the mountains of Asuka. In both Japan and Zurich, the sessions are open to the public and widely advertised. Typically, visitors from the museum and academic worlds join us for the discussions.  

The workshop is based on border crossing, as it represents collaboration between the academic cultures of Japan and Switzerland. Not only are the languages of the presentations mixed (English and Japanese), but the students and participating faculty members are from both countries. Thus, the young participants get not only a living impression of the presentation styles of both cultures, but also the type of feedback from people working in other countries. For the students the workshops represent a superb way to make connections to their peers across borders. The workshops symbolize the global and cross-cultural aspects of education: by crossing borders we can achieve new forms of communication. 

The workshop members typically consist of three faculty members from the Kansai University and one member from the University of Zurich. The presenters are advanced students (MA and PhD) from both universities. The organizers are Professor Hans Bjarne Thomsen from the University of Zurich and various professors from the Kansai University.

Japan Workshop, 11th September 2018

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The following students from the University of Zurich, Section for East Asian Art are presenting papers at the KU Workshop in Japan:

Veronika PROBST
"Ningbo Buddhist Painting and Iconography. Comparison of Ten Kings of Hell Paintings: The First King Qinguang Wang.

Zurich Workshop, 3rd November 2018

Introductory Remarks

10:20-10:30    YAMAMOTO Tokurō山本登朗 (Professor, Kansai University)

Research Reports, Part I

Chair: HIRAI Shōichi 平井章一 (Professor, Kansai University)

10:30-11:00   KONISHI Maiho  小西舞歩 (Kansai University)
                       “True Characteristics of Chagall’s Blue in His Blue Lovers
 (in Japanese)
                        abstract (PDF, 81 KB)

11:05-11:35    Xenia PIËCH (University of Zurich)
                         “Women and Photography in China’s Early Twentieth Century.”
                         (in English)   
                         abstract (PDF, 513 KB)                

11:40-12:10      MATSUZAKI Akito 松崎章人 (Kansai University)
                         "Figural Representation in the Works of Walter Sickert" (in English)
                        abstract (PDF, 75 KB)

12:15-12:45      Anjuli RAMDENEE (University of Zurich)
                         "A Closer Look at an Album of Woodblock Print Postcard”
                         (In English)
                         abstract (PDF, 95 KB)

12:45-14:15  LUNCH

Research Reports, Part II

Chair: Hans Bjarne THOMSEN (Professor, University of Zurich)

14:15-14:45      Maria STEPANOVA (University of Zurich)
                         "Religious and Folk Art in Studio Ghibli Animation" (in English)
                         abstract (PDF, 95 KB)

14:50-15:20   TANABE Sachi 田邊咲智 (Kansai University)
                         "Regarding Hishida Shunsō’s Travels to the West" (in Japanese)
                         abstract (PDF, 61 KB)

15:25-15:55      Tessa MEIER (University of Zurich)
                          "Research on a Ryūkyūan Ryūsō in the Collection of the Museum                                der Kulturen" (In English)
                          abstract (PDF, 96 KB)

16:00-16:30      Catherine LIU (University of Zurich)
                         "The Manpukuji Temple in Japanese Culture" (in English)
                          abstract (PDF, 143 KB)

16:30-17:00      Final Discussions

17:00-17:10      Closing Remarks

17:10 ~             Apéro Reception (RAA-E-30, Rämistrasse 59)

The workshop is supported by the EU Center at the Graduate School of Letters, Kansai University, the University of Zurich Foundation (Hochschulstiftung), and the Section for East Asian Art, University of Zurich 

Images from the 2018 KU Workshop in Japan


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