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Bea  Gassmann de Sousa

Bea Gassmann de Sousa, M.A.

Bea Gassmann de Sousa is an independent researcher and curator in the independent commercial gallery sector and a winner of the Baloise Prize 2001 with artist Ross Sinclair. In September 2017 she initiated and co-programmed the conference Positioning Nigerian Modernism at Tate Modern, with Kerryn Greenberg. Nigerian modern art and epistemology is the research topic of her PhD at UCL. In this field she engages in public/ published projects individually and collaboratively. Selected curatorial projects include A Portrait in Fragments: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (1951-82) and UN-SPEAK, at the CCA Lagos on invitation of the late Bisi Silva. Gassmann de Sousa is the founder of the Agency Gallery, London with a twenty+ year programme of international art, new media, installation, performance and sound art projects, including Zoe Leonard, Ken Lum, Mary Beth Edelson, Paul McCarthy, Franco Vaccari, Man Ray.


Bea Gassmann de Sousa at University College London