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Conf: Superficies-Surfaces, Skins and Textures. Sensory Encounters with Books and Related Multi-layered Objects Zürich 18.-20.01.2024 The research group “Textures of Sacred Scripture. Materials and Semantics of Sacred Book Ornament” and the Chair of Medieval Art History at the University of Zurich are organizing an international conference on “Superficies – Surfaces, Skins, and Textures. Sensory encounters with books and related multi-layered objects”. The conference, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, is scheduled to take place at the Institute of Art History of the University of Zurich on 18-20 January 2024.


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Methods and Media of the Absent/Present (PDF, 372 KB) Zürich 14.-15.09.2023

Organized by the SNSF-research project "Conflict and Cooperation. Episteme and Methods Between Art History, Art, and Ethnology in the Performative Pictorial Practices of Vodun"

The Politics of (Self) Care Zürich 18.11.2023 The symposium is co-organized by Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst and the research group “Rethinking Art History through Disability” at the Institute of Art History, University of Zurich. 


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Crypto Art Conference (PDF, 387 KB) Zürich 10.06.2022 UZH Blockchain Center/UZH Art Market Studies
Unlearn the Body: New Approaches on Didability and Art History Zürich 3.-4.06.2022 Amanda Cachia (University of California, San Diego) / Virginia Marano, Charlotte Matter und Laura Valterio (UZH)
"Survey Practices and Landscape Photography across the Globe" (PDF, 3 MB) Zürich 13.-14.06.2022 Fundet by the Graduate Campus of the University of Zurich: Sophie Junge, Michèle Dick, Elahe Helbig, Stella Jungmann
10: Forum Ostasistische Kunstgeschichte im Deutschsprachigen Raum (PDF, 133 KB) Zürich 17.-18.06.2022 Veranstalter: UZH
5. Schweizerischer Kongress für Kunstgeschichte (PDF, 222 KB) Zürich 22.-24.06.2022 VKKS in Zusammenarbeit mit dem KHIST
Conference Institute of Art History: Book Ornmament & Luxury Critique (PDF, 2 MB) Zürich 16.-17.09.2022 Veranstalter: David Ganz
Art Across the Iberian World: Connecting Spanish Italy and Latin America Zürich 7.-8.10.2022 Veranstalter: Joris van Gastel



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Exhibiting 'Japan' Overseas: Overseas Contexts and Japan's Contexts Zürich 29.03.2021 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens (Ko-Organisation)
Queering the Boundaries of the Arts in the Sinosphere online workshop 27.-29.05.2021 Moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst
12th Kansai University EU Workshop online workshop 21.-22.10.2021 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens (Ko-Organisation)
Workshop: Shades of Purple Zürich 25.-26.11.2021 Kunstgeschichte des Mittelalters
Looking Forward Looking Back Zürich 16.-17.12.2021 MAM – Multiple Artistic Mobilities. Travelling Artists from/to African Countries and European German-Speaking Countries; Institute of Art History, UZH



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Webinar "The Afterlives of Past Disquiet. Legacies, Unwritten Histories and Transnational Solidarity" online workshop 7./8./10.12.2020 Daniel Berndt (UZH), Iris Fraueneder (UZH) & Bruno Heller



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Gestundete Zeit – 100 Jahre Hans Josephsohn Zürich 21.–23.11.2019 Moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst (Ko-Organisation)
Historical Fabrics in a Digital World. The Textile Collections of Reutlingen University Reutlingen 14./15.11.2019 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens (Ko-Organisation)
The Pictorial Evidence of Ruins: From Rome to Homs Rom 14./15.11.2019 Kunstgeschichte der Neuzeit
JOINT VENTURES: Der künstlerische Zugriff auf Kunstsammlungen und Ausstellungsgeschichte Zürich 03.–05.09.2019 Moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst
Heidi from Japan: Anime, Narratives, and Swiss Receptions Zürich 29.–31.08.2019 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens
Korean Art in the West: Tracing Objects from Creation to Collection Zürich 26./27.06.2019 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens



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Arts of the Ryūkyū Kingdom Zürich 14./15.12.2018 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens (Ko-Organisation)
Rethinking the Life and Work of Nagasawa Rosetsu Zürich 20./21.10.2018 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens
Camera Work: History and Global Reach of an International Art Magazine Zürich 09.–11.03.2018 Geschichte der bildenden Kunst


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Second Conference of the European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology Zürich 24.–27.08.2017 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens (Ko-Organisation)



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Journeys of the Soul: Multiple Topographies in the Camposanto of Pisa (PDF, 234 KB) Pisa 01.–02.09.2016 Kunstgeschichte des Mittelalters (Ko-Organisation)
Die digitale Edition in der Kunst- und Fotografiegeschichte Zürich 08.06.2016 Geschichte der bildenden Kunst
Katagami in the West Zürich 18./19.03.2016 Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens